OK, the money for the mask has been transferred to my cousin who will transfer it to the mask seller. Here is how this went.

It turns out in Austria in the Business to Consumer market, VAT must be included in the price. This means that the 630Euros for the mask already includes VAT. It essentially breaks down to:
525 Euros
105 VAT
630Euros total.

We verified this with the seller

Shipping is 40Euros standard mail, 72Euros for priority mail.

My cousin got a copy of the Customs form from the Austrian Post office and sent me the image files (attached to this post – both the original blank pdf, and what I sent the Mask Maker, Andreas Rettenbacher). I then filled out the technical stuff (description, value, HS codes (Harmonized Tariff Schedule), and sent it back to my cousin (also attached). I then used Transferwise.com to transfer the money. Trnsferwise is kinda like PayPal, but it is international, and your first transaction is free! It is also a business venture by the people that started Skype. I read up on them to make sure that they were legit and not some scam or unreliable service. I looked for complaints from people net getting money that was transferred to them, or complaints that the transfer took weeks, etc. Everything seems pretty legit, and I believe I heard them mentioned by a guest on either one of the TWIT network podcasts, or maybe Tim Ferriss’s podcast. So I transferred to my cousin the 630Euros plus the cost of shipping. The Transferwise site says that it takes 1-2 business days. The money should get there either today or on Monday.

So my cousin should tell me when he gets the money. He will then transfer it to the mask maker who will then package the mask up and ship it here. I’m guessing that I will get some sort of confirmation of shipping or some way to track it. I chose the priority option. It is a gamble, but I’m still hoping that I can have it here within the next 3 weeks.

Now I just need to find the rest of the costume. The actual Krampus fur that you see in photos (like this example) is actually more expensive than the mask itself. There is no way at this point that I can afford it, so I have to make due with something else. I need the suit, some claws/gloves, some LEDs for the eyes of the mask, a belt with large cow bells, some sort of a switch (bundle of sticks) and a basket, possibly with some long doll legs and arms to poke out of the basket. I guess I have about 3 weeks to get this all together.

UPDATE: The mask has been shipped priority and is on its way! The Mask part of this series will continue when I get updates in a week or two. In the meantime, I need to put together the rest of the costume, and pretty quickly.

I will be chronicling that over the next couple of weeks.

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