So, as of 8/23, the mask is in customs in NY. Hopefully I’ll have it within a week and a half?

In the mean time, I’ve been piecing together other parts of the costume. The parts that I think I need are:

    fur suit
    basket (for putting children in)
    Cow bells/belt
    a switch of birch branches or a horse hair whip.

And mask “enhancements”:

    LED lights for the eyes
    Some sort of eye lenses
    Sounds & a player

So, for the Fur suit I looked at a number of different options.

First of all I don’t sew, so getting cheap hair extensions and sewing them to something is out. As discussed in another post, getting a suit right now is way beyond my budget. I looked at various costumes, but found that in general only werewolf costumes had long hair (and the wookie costumes were all over-priced and kinda crappy from what I saw). The problem with the werewolf costumes, is that they all come with a ripped shirt or vest attached to the torso area of the costume, and if you remove it you will see that the back has no hair. So I decided to try using a ghillie suit. I tried out several. The one that was $50 had large areas where there was no covering. I checked out a $100 suit. It was OK at best. Certainly I thought $100 was too much. It was nowhere near perfect, but I simply couldn’t find any better. I ended up ordering this one from amazon for $60. It looks to be at least the same quality of the $100 one. I will have to probably spend a couple of hours gently combing out the strands (the “jute” I think it is called). I’m either going to leave it as is, or dye the whole thing black. THis is the suit that I ordered:

For the claws/hands, I looked at a bunch on ebay and many costume stores. The best I found at the best price were these on eBay (they were significantly more expensive at costume stores, like 40% more):
Yes, they are brown, but I intend to dye them black (the rubber I’m guessing won’t take the dye, but thats ok – skin tone).

The basket will simply a laundry hamper. I want either a natural one or a black one as the white ones don’t look right. You can find plenty online, but it is hard to find them in stores, surprisingly. I also want some children’s body parts to stick out of the basket, so I’m going to go and hopefully get 1 or 2 broken, crappy ones from Goodwill this week.

For the belt, I liked this one that someone from the Los Angeles Krampus group made (scroll to the bottom of the post):
So I ordered a swiss cow bell off of ebay for $10+ shipping, I ordered a triangle (rhombus, really) cow bell off of ebay. That was $15 + shipping, and I ordered a pair of big cowbells from Harbor Freight here:
I also found a 2 inch wide work belt for $20 (regular belts are 1-1.5 inches wide). I couldn’t find any nice leather 3 inch belts. Now I just need some chain and carabiners.

For the switch, some use birch sticks bundled together, and some use horse hair whips. It seems that birch branches aren’t as easy to find as I thought. I was looking for one of those old fashioned fireplace brooms, or a bundle of decorative branches (the kind you see spray painted and put in someones living room). Horse hair whips tend to be pretty expensive. I found some cheap ones on eBay for $20. That’s about 2-3 times what I wanted to spend on this, but I have less than two weeks so whatever I get I need to get it now. I may have to go with the horse hair whip. It is easier to carry around at least.

The Mask enhancements: I want some red LEDs for the eyes, so I ordered one of these off of only in red. I plan to take it apart and put the small LEDs+circuit board & batteries inside the mask. I’ll have to go to a specific costume tore here in town to find something like these to put inside the mask if possible. Lastly, I need something for inside the mask for sounds. I have a bunch of demon samples that I grabbed from all over the net. Now I just have to put together an m3u playlist of them, put them on my phone, and get one of these tiny BT speakers to put either inside the mask or hidden somewhere near it:

So as of right now I think I just need the switch/horse hair whip, the basket, some dolls for the basket, and the BT player. If I don’t get the eye lenses it’s not the end of the world.

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  • Catherine says:

    Okay, it’s past Halloween, but I am going to answer this qtsouien just for the fun of it!I would dress up as a black cat. Not a bad black cat, just a black cat, with a fluffy long black tail and pointy ears. I’d somehow fashion real whiskers on my face, not just draw them on with face paint. And I’d find a fun mask to cover my eyes and make me look mysterious, just like a cat should.Why? Cause I saw a little girl dressed up like a cat and I thought: Now, isn’t she going to have fun?

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