I am expanding this blog to reflect more varied interests of mine.

The areas/categories reflected here will be:

  • Music History – This portion of this site is mostly about the blues. More specifically, how music started in Africa and Europe, came to America, merged, and gave birth to our unique American artforms known as country, jazz and blues, with great emphasis on the blues leading to the birth of what we now call Rock n Roll. As for the content, only part of it is my own writing. Large sections are probably lifted from Wikpedia entries on individual artists, and other places on the web. Some stuff is lifted from books, movies, magazine articles, my own recollections, etc. I never claimed to be original, just passing the word in a hopefully more organized manner and centralized.
  • General Music – This will be random thoughts on music, articles of note, etc.
  • Practice Project – This category, described in more detail below, will contain posts on “achieving excellence” (be it in music or other endeavors), and various music lessons ranging from the conceptual to technique and theory.
  • Guitar – In general, stuff on this tab will also be under the lessons or general music tabs, but sometimes there will be something that really only belongs here, and so this is where it will go. Right here.
  • Biker n00b – As a newbie biker, I will post thoughts, tips, links, etc. on motorcycle riding, gear, and other miscellaneous bike-related stuff.
  • Krampus – What’s a Krampus? Read the very first post in this category to find out. Ever since I went to my first Perchten Lauf (aka Krampus Lauf) I became fascinated with this awesome apline tradition that kinda mixes a little bit of Halloween and Christmas together. My Krampus.us domain will redirect here as well, at least for now. I would LOVE for Krampus Lauf’s to start appearing in the US. If I win the lottery I’ll buy real Krampus costumes for my friends and organize my very own Krampus Laufs. Right here in Atlanta there are a couple of Krampus festivities in December now. Hopefully it will expand from a pub crawl to a real Krampus Lauf. Anyone got about $800 so I can get a REAL carved wood Krampus mask???

The main “Home” page will contain ALL of the posts, regardless of category. Each of the above categories will also have it’s own navigation tab so that you can go to a specific page that interests you and only see the posts from that category (this functions like clicking on the category links on the sidebar). Furthermore, you can narrow your browsing further by looking at the TAGS section on the left-hand column. Say you want to read about music history, but don’t care about rock or jazz, and only want to see the posts relating to blues history. Then you can click on the blues history tag and you will see only that subset.

The more interesting and unique section of the site will be the Practice Project posts. I first started this as a year long project, but life got in the way in a big way. Instead it will just be the series of posts that it has become. Here is the original “About the Practice Project” text that described the original the intended purpose of the “Project” for reference:

The basic premise is this: I do as much research as I can on practice methods, unique practice ideas, etc. and then eventually figure out exactly what I wish to accomplish over a year, derive a practice plan based on the research, and put it into practice. I will be my own guinea pig, so to speak. The ultimate goal is to see how much I can improve over the next year in the very little amount of time I actually have to practice.

Some of the principles I discuss will certainly be applicable to other endeavors, from artistic to business.

Your best bet if you want to follow this part of the blog is to start at the beginning. Click on the Practice Project tab above, which shows only posts from the Practice Project, and hit the “Older Entries” link until you get to the oldest one.

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