I’ve been a bit slack this year on Krampus posts. Most of the up-to-date goings on are on twitter, so here are some accounts to follow:
@TheYuleLord – Krampus will be sharing and re-tweeting all sorts of Krampus-realted stuff over the weekend as he goes around and does his duty.
@Krampus_la – they host the Krampus ball in Los Angeles every year (I *believe* that these are the same people that do Burning Man?). They JUST had their ball last weekend I believe. Check the twitter page for updates.
@7StagesATL – A small community theater in the Little 5 Points area of Atlanta that puts on Krampus plays every year.
@CabinFeverSLC – a “Meek. Geek. Freak.” store in Salt Lake City, Cabin Fever has Krampus Fever.

Just announced today on Kevin Smith’s blog, Kevin Smith will co-direct a “Creepshow-style” movie entitled “Comes the Krampus” (by Creepshow-styled, they mean several shorter stories all tied together with the common theme being Krampus). OK, so honestly, after reading (well, listening) to Brom’s “Krampus The Yule Lord” book this past holiday season (review in my next post) I had visions of grandeur thinking how great it would be to have Guillermo Del Toro do a screen adaptation of Brom’s fantastic book. However, I’m totally psyched about Kevin Smith and cohorts doing a Krampus movie! I’m guessing it will probably be a little edgier (and more in your face gruesome?) than a Del Toro movie, and probably have a humerous element as well (sick humor, but humor nonetheless). But we will see when it comes out in a couple of years.

From Kevins blog:

Andy McElfresh will direct the “The Krampus vs. The 3rd Grade” episode (SO fucked up), Jason Mewes (yes – THAT Jason Mewes) will direct the “Hitler’s Krampus” episode (twisted period piece), I will direct the “Mask Maker” episode (the Gothic horror piece), Carol Banker will direct the “The Proposal” episode (which is fucking nuts), and Jennifer Schwalbach will direct “The Bad Babysitter” – which is the framing device that holds the whole mess together.

Hopefully this will bring Krampus more in the forefront of people’s minds. I’m still waiting to see Alpine-style Perchten or Krampus Laufs to start happening all over the US since the one that I went to in 2008 was such a freaking blast. Krampus activities (such as parties and Krampus Krawls) are expanding in small pockets in the US. Hopefully this will help spread the legend and we will see this old and really fun tradition spread.

Hopefully the movie will be released at the right time of the year. Krampus Nacht is Dec. 5th, so I would love to see the movie come out around Thanksgiving, BEFORE Krampus Nacht. I can see people googling Krampus after seeing the movie, and hopefully finding some local Krampus celebrations and activities and deciding to take part. For now though, the movie just can’t come out soon enough for me.

On November 21st an item of mine sold at auction on eBay. It was a piece of music equipment. I sold it for $245 + $15 in shipping, for a total of $260. The buyer PayPal’ed me the money right away. I was not able to go out on Friday (11/22) to ship the item, so I went on Sat/ (11/23) to a Post Office that is open till 9pm on saturdays to mail the item. I purchased insurance and tracking for the item. It was scanned in at the post office at 6:34pm. The next, and last scan ever, was 26 minutes later @ 7pm. The image below is how the tracking info looks on USPS.com at the time of this writing on the evening of Dec. 26th:


Nov. 30th rolled around adn the package was not delivered. I contacted the seller and we figured we’d wait a day or two and see if the tracking got updated and if the package got delivered. By Dec.4th the package was not delivered and the tracking information was updated. I was not able to run to the post office on the 5th, so I went on Dec. 6th to my local post office (not the one I mailed it from). I spoke with the manager there and explained everything. He looked it up, couldn’t find out any more information than I could, and decided to email the Duluth, Ga. main sorting facility the details to see if they could find the package or come up with some information. He told me that they would get back to him by either calling or emailing him, and he would get back to me right away. He took my phone number. I never got a call back that day, or the next (saturday).

On Monday (the 9th) I went back. He said that he had heard nothing, emailed them again. He also gave me the number for Consumer Affairs and recommended that I open a Research Case to find out where the package went. So, right there in the parking lot of the post office on Monday I called the office of Consumer Affairs and opened a research case. After a 30-40 minute hold to talk to someone, I was finally able to open a research case. I was told that in 1-3 business days (by Dec 12th) I would get a call back with the results.

On the afternoon of Dec. 12 I had not yet received a call back, so I called the Consumer Affairs 1-800 office # to see what was going on. After almost an hour on hold I finally got someone on the phone. They told me that the research case worker, Terry Standridge, had tried to get in touch with me, but my phone number was not working, so he sent me a card so that I could call him back. They read my phone number to me, and they had the last 2 digits switched. This is after the person taking my number read it back to me! So I had that corrected. They told me that the case worker would get back to me either later that afternoon, or the next day (Friday Dec. 13th).

On Friday, Dec. 13th I never got a call back. I tried calling the local (770) number for the case worker and I believe it forwarded me to the 1-800 number.

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This Friday night’s episode of the NBC show Grimm is entitled “The Twelve Days of Krampus.” This link to Entertainment Tonight features an exclusive preview of the episode. See it here.

As Krampus Nacht winds down, here are a few more links and videos:

Salzburg(?) Krampus and Perchten lauf, 2013:

Krampuslauf from this week:

A Krampus Carol by Anthony Bourdain:

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These are some of the Krampus pics I took at the Perchtenlauf in Bohlerwerk, Austria in Dec., 2008

Perchtenlauf sign

Krampus bread!Krampus bread!Krampus bread!

Krampus bread!  This was about 2.5 feet tall!

Krampus bread! This was about 2.5 feet tall!



More pics if you click below to read the full article
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Here is another Krampus article from Weird Tales magazine. It has lots of great pics, from present day Krampus pics to pics of a number of vintage Krampus postcards. This article gets things right that others miss, like Krampusnacht is on Dec. 5th whereas St Nick’s day is Dec. 6th. Sure, most places celebrate them simultaneously, and not even on these nights, but getting the little details right shows that the author did some homework. He discusses the roots in the pagan traditions, and even makes the distinction between the Krampus and other “Santa’s helper” traditions in other regions of Europe (like the Netherlands’ Schwartz Peter, etc.). Check it out!

There are a few Krampus-related activities in Atlanta, sponsored by the 7 Stages Theater. First there is the annual “Wreck the Halls” Krampus pub Krawl on Sat. Dec 7th, and 7 Stages theater is putting on a Krampus-themed play (they’ve done them several times in the past as well) called “Krampus is Coming #HideYourKids.” ad this runs for several nights at 9pm from Dec. 19-21 at the 7 Stages Theater in Little 5 Points in Atlanta.

Margaret Cho and her husband Al Ridenour are on Margaret’s podcast “Monsters of Talk” talking about their trip to Europe and their discovery of the Krampus tradition, a bit of history behind it, and more. You can listen to that specific podcast episode here. Their discussion on the podcast of the Krampus is better than most of the articles you may read on the web re: the Krampus parades, history and tradition and gives you a better feel for the events if you’ve never seen them before. Couple that with the videos of Alpine Krampus and Perchten laufs on YouTube you get a really good idea of what it’s all about and how fun it can be.

In Philadelphia the Krampuslauf begins at 4:30pm on Dec. 14th. This is Krampuslauf Philadelphia Online’s web page. and it has videos from last year’s Krampus run (it’s a parade really, nothing to do with running, but that’s what it is called in the Alpine regions of Europe). They also have a Facebook page here.

A link to a story (written and audio) about the Krampuslauf in Philly on NPR.

Portland, Oregon is also getting in on the fun with a Krampus Night Ball.

Just a few years ago the only places that I could find that had any kind of Krampus activities were an annual ball in San Francisco, and another one I think somewhere in NY. Now it’s spreading around. Here we see Philly and Portland getting in on it, my last post was about the Krampus activities in L.A., and here in Atlanta we’ve had the annual Krampus Pub Crawl for a few years, and the local 7 Stages Theater often puts on Krampus-themed plays around Christmas, and promotes them with a Krampus in the annual Little 5 Points Halloween Parade. I’m glad to see the tradition spreading! Even though I have lived in Austria in the past, the first time I ever heard of or went to a Perchten Lauf was in Dec. 2008. I had so much fun, that I’ve been hooked ever since. I would love to see this tradition spread more. It’s kinda like Halloween in December.

In an upcoming post I will share some of my personal Dec. 2008 Perchten Lauf pictures.